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Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted)

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Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted) Empty Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted)

Post  Elena Gilbert on Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:47 pm


Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted) Hello-11
Full Name: Elena Gilbert
Nicknames/Aliases: None
Age Turned: 18
Real Age: What is their actual age? 18
Family: Jeremy

Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted) Mirror10
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Characterizing Features: What makes them stand out? She trys to solve everyones problems, even if it means dying in the process

[color=red]Likes: Cheerleading,and Parties.
Dislikes: Vampires that like to kill humans.

Life Story: She was givin up by her "Uncle" and her guardians deceased wife (by Damon), and given to her Biological Father's brother. In High school, she Dated Matt Donaven, and her life was fine. She was very unhappy with her botfriend for looking to far into the future. She met Damon.
He Compelled her to forget that she met him. That same night her parents car drove off off a bridge. Her parents died, but Stefan saved her. 5 months later, on the first day of school of junior years, she met stefan. She fell madly in love, but there was one problem, Stefan is a Vampire. She found out that she looked like Katherine, and that Stefan had saved her from the car crash.
Stefan had also told her that she was adopted. When Damon, was looking for Katherine, He accidently released the tomb vampires. John, elena's father, comes to town, and unleashes a vampire device that kills the vampires, and katherine comes to town. Katherine stirs up all this trouble, but then she tells them about how Klaus is looking for Elena. Klaus comes to town disguised as Alaric, Elena's guardian. Elena sacrifices herself to save her loved ones.
John finds a way to save her, but he dies in the process. Damon is bitten by a werewolf, and Stefan gives himself to klaus to save his brother. Stefan goes wild, and Damon and Elena fight furiously to find him, Falling in Love in the process. Elena is found by Klaus, and his Family comes to town. his mother turns Alaric, and Alaric captures Elena. Everyone Saves her, but Klaus ties her up. Tyler lockwood saves her, but she gets a Cerebral Hemorage, and Meredith gives her vampire blood to save her, Rebekah is furious and drives Klaus' Blood source of Wickery Bridge with vamp blood in her system. Elena becomes a vampire Smile.
RP Example: I RolePlay what i believe is going to happen, and based on that i am a DE fan, i would probably have elena say that she remembers Damon's compultion, and that she fogives him. Smile AWWWW <333
Face Claim:? Whats this?
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Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted) Empty Re: Elena Gilbert (Not Accepted)

Post  Kenna De Alba on Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:18 pm

Since you have not been active in awhile, I will be handing the account over to someone else.
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