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Post  Elena Gilbert on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:00 pm


Full Name: Elena Gilbert
Nicknames/Aliases: 'Lena
Age Turned: 18
Real Age: 18
Family: Tatia (ancestor), Katherine Pierce (Ancestor), Jeremy Gilbert (brother), Isobel Flemming (mother, deceased), John Gilbert (father, deceased)

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Characterizing Features: Selflessly tries to protect all those she loves.

Likes: Being able to wake up knowing everyone will be safe (which doesn't ever happen)
Dislikes: People threatening her or her loved ones.

Life Story:
In 2009, Elena drives off wickery bridge in a car with who she then thought were her parents. After a whole summer of feeling miserable, she tells herself that things have to change, and, though not because of her decision, they do.
She gets to know Stefan, and finds out what he is. She gets to know Damon. She finds out she was adopted, she finds out that she'd a Petrova dopplgänger.
First Katherine starts ruining her life, trying to deliver her, along with some of her friends, to Klaus, so that he can break the curse that binds his Werewolf part.
Though Katherine does not succeed, nor Rose, in the end, Jenna still dies as the vampire sacrifice. Jules dies as the werewolf sacrifice, and Elena almost becomes a vampire because of Damon's selfish act of forcing her to drink his blood. John sacrifices himself however, to preserve Elena's human soul.
Then it turns out that klaus isn't done yet. he needs Petrova blood to create hybrids, and tries time and time again to kidnap Elena and get her blood. all this to protect himself from his mother.
Ester makes Alaric a new type of vampire. stronger, but bound to Elena's life. His life mission is to kill all originals, with a stake that regenerates. the problem is that when an original dies, his whole bloodline dies. In an attempt to save themselves, Damon and Stefan split up. Damon leaves town to protect Klaus' body, Stefan stays in town to protect Elena.
Matt drugged Elena and tried to get her out of town. When she wakes up, she calls Damon. She finds that, since Klaus was staked, she has to make a choice. The choice of who to go see. Drive on and go to Damon, or Turn around and go to Stefan and everyone else. she decides to go there where she'll be able to see most.
Rebekah wants revenge for her father's death, and makes Matt and Elena drive off wickery bridge.Stefan can save one of them, and Elena kept pointing at Matt, thinking she'll just die. Stefan saves Matt and she does die.
Only to wake up later in the hospital, totally confused. she leaves with Stefan to not be around everyone while she tries to adjust, but away from mystic falls, she has learned many things.
She is ready to return, and to turn things around to the way they had always been supposed to be.

RP Example: As I drove past the 'welcome to Mystic Falls' sign, I felt a strange jittery feeling in my stomach. I was almost home. Almost. Home is where the heart is.
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev
Elena Gilbert
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Post  Kenna De Alba on Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:23 pm


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