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Elizabeth Salvatore

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Elizabeth Salvatore Empty Elizabeth Salvatore

Post  Elizabeth Salvatore on Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:45 pm

Elizabeth Salvatore Hello-11
Full Name: Elizabeth Christina Salvatore
Age: 17
Nicknames/Aliases:Liz, Lizzie, Eli, Salvatore Barbie
Occupation(s): Senior in High School, Supernatural Hunteress {in training}

[center]Adrian Salvatore {Twin brother, human, deceased}
Damon Salvatore {Uncle, Vampire, Alive}
Dean Salvatore {Uncle, Vampire, Alive}
Kara Salvatore {Cousin, Vampire, Alive}
Stefan Salvatore {Uncle, Vampire, alive}
Zach Salvatore {Father, human, deceased}
Brittney Johannason {Mother, Vampire (was a witch), deceased}

Elizabeth Salvatore Mirror10
Eye Color: Blonde
Hair Color: Blue
Characterizing Features: Blonde hair against a dark haired family

Likes: Reading, Writing, Boys
Dislikes: Stuck-up's, Peeople who are wrong

Life Story: When Elizabeth was born, her mother left not wanting to rasie a child. Even though Zach Salvatore did not want to have a family, he kept his daughter and rasied her in Mystic Falls. Since then she has stayed in the Boarding house living a normal life untill the day she turned 12.

When she was 12 she saw blood around her uncle's, Stefan Salvatore, mouth. That was the day she learned about the Vampire world. She lived normally as she could after that untill Zach was killed by Damon. Then she was placed in her uncles care. Now that she is 17, all she wants to do is pretend that vampire's dont exist because of her longing to become one.

She is a big believer in Karma. She doesnt expect anything out of anyone. She see's what she see's in the moment and if it changes, it does. She is the cause of the car accident that killed Elena and Jeremy Gilbert's parent's car accident. She feels extremely bad for it, even a year after it happened and hasnt let a day go by without her forgetting it.

One day she got a phone call from a woman who knew her mother and they decided to meet. It turned out the woman was her mother and gave her news that she wanted to kill her daughter to keep her out of the life of a supernatural. When Brittney went to kill Elizabeth, Elizabeth had a suprise of her own. She staked Brittney after weakening her with vervain and sunlight. Elizabeth will never understand why her mother wanted to kill her because if it was what she had said, Brittney was late on that.
RP Example:
Face Claim: Ashley Benson
Elizabeth Salvatore Ashley-Benson-Pretty-Little-Liars-Hanna-Surprise
Elizabeth Salvatore
Elizabeth Salvatore

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Elizabeth Salvatore Empty Re: Elizabeth Salvatore

Post  Kenna De Alba on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:36 pm

Elizabeth Salvatore Blood-13

Accepted! (If the image above did not show up)

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