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Masquerade Night

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Masquerade Night Empty Masquerade Night

Post  Stefan Salvatore on Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:57 pm

The poster posted on nearly every telephone pole around town had caught my attention. Hm, I thought, tearing one of the posters off to further read it.
It read:
'It's Masquerade Night at the Dead End bar and nightclub!
Dress up in your best, mystifying outfits for this one-of-a-kind night.
Just don't forget to hide your face behind a mask.
Doors open @ 6, partying officially begins @ 6:30. Be there or be square!'
Rolling my eyes at the corny saying, I quickly checked my phone for the time, finding it to be 5:30. Maybe I will go to this party-thing. After all, I had to become well-acquainted with the new vampires in town, just like Damon had to as well.
Jumping in my car, I drove off to the boarding house to get ready and to tell Damon about the event.
At about 6:30, I got back into my car and drove off to Dead End. Once there, I found tons of people waiting outside impatiently inside the roped area and slim amounts of people being allowed inside.
I stepped out of my car and walked towards the bouncer, looking him straight in the eye and saying, "Stefan Salvatore, my name's always on the list."
The bouncer narrowed his eyes before checking the list, immediately finding my name under S. He lifted up the rope to allow me in which I did, rolling my eyes at the obscene words coming from the group of people waiting outside.
The party inside was crazy, music blasting, people dancing. Tons of heartbeats, I thought, licking my lips. Of course, I didn't want to be the party-pooper so I dressed for the occasion, placing on the same mask I had worn at the ball in which we were going to kill Katherine. I glanced around for the familiar face, seeing only dancing people before I caught sight of a booth far in the front in which a brunette man, vampire to be precise, was sitting at, looking as majestic and cocky as ever.
I smirked before pushing my way through the crowd until I got to where he was seated.
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