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Senior Prank Night

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Senior Prank Night Empty Senior Prank Night

Post  Stefan Salvatore on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:49 pm

I had changed into the mandatory black attire and after spending hours of setting up the school for the next morning 'surprise' with the small group of seniors, we all headed out to the cemetery. I had mentioned a mausoleum which I knew would surely give all of them the shivers once they laid eyes on the stone which had been here in this cemetery even back when I was human.
It seemed that there were more people waiting down by the one side of the cemetery, electrical lanterns and flashlights in hand. There were grim frowns on their faces, some even looked frightened, biting their nails in the back of the group. Once the two groups gathered by the mausoleum, I looked up at the fading surname of the body laid within the mausoleum. To the human eyes, it was unreadable but I was able to make out the name 'Firch'. The tale of the man's death was very strange, one I grew up to when the estate's maid would tuck us to bed.
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