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Post  Stefan Salvatore on Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:54 pm


Stefan Salvatore Hello-11
Full Name: Stefan Antonio Salvatore
Nicknames/Aliases: Stef, St. Stefan, Ripper
Age Turned: 18
Real Age: 162
Damon Salvatore -brother-
Giuseppe Salvatore -Father-
(Name Unknown) Salvatore -Mother-
Joseph Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore Mirror10
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark brown
Characterizing Features: What makes them stand out?
His Ripper side catches a lot of people's attentions. His eyes too.

Likes: Animal blood. Elena. trying to get the friendship between him and his brother back.
Dislikes: Damon. his Ripper side. Klaus (and originals)

Life Story:
(Credit for history below goes to another person from vampirediariesrpg.forumotion.com)
Stefan Salvatore (as played by Paul Wesley) is a “hot guy” who appears to resemble your standard, young Hollywood heartthrob. It just happens that he is also a 162 year old Vampire with a rose tattoo on his shoulder and enough angst to create a mountain. With his steamy looks and overpowering charm he has the ability to make the possibility of becoming a Vampire an extremely appealing option.

This sexy character is one of Mystic Falls’ most seductive and beguiling citizens and he has already won over millions of fans who want nothing more than to help him in his quest to lead an existence that is as “normal as possible”. Stefan Salvatore is a bit taller than his brother Damon and he also has a lean, athletic physique. He is incredibly handsome with a wonderful, enigmatic smile; piercing emerald green eyes and brown hair that women find to be as mesmerizing as his gaze.

There is an air of melancholy that seems to surround Stefan Salvatore even when he looks at you with that 1000 watt smile. Although he is a bit reserved when he is in public he is polite and well mannered and he manages to keep a tight rein on his emotions in almost all situations. While lovely Elena Gilbert has managed to create a connection with his heart and soul, it is his older brother Damon Salvatore that seems to “push his buttons” most of the time. Damon has the instinctive ability to bring out the anger that remains hidden deep in Stefan’s psyche. Something in the past (very possibly the devious Katherine) has set the brothers against each other and it is Damon who willfully takes every opportunity to twist the knife as he makes good on an earlier pledge to bring ‘an eternity of misery’ to Stefan.

Eternally youthful Stefan Salvatore was born more than 100 years ago in 1847, and he will never grow any older due to his having been transformed into a Vampire. Mystic Falls, Virginia was his hometown long ago but until recently his last visit to this city had been in 1953. Now he wants to live a real life in the place where he was born but he realizes that this is not likely to happen, especially with Damon present who continually torments and harasses him over his reluctance to embrace the Vampire lifestyle.

As a Vampire Stefan has acquired a number of special powers that he can use at will. Among these talents are his abilities to leap from the ground to the roof of a building and the power to use his own mind to influence the memories and minds of others. Stefan also can move at superhuman speed whenever he wishes and has the ability to float (or fly) for short distances. His hearing has also been heightened so that he can hear sounds and conversations that would be impossible for humans to distinguish.

The Salvatore family immigrated to the US centuries ago and some of the members of this Italian clan were listed among Mystic Falls’ first settlers. This shows that there is a long, established connection between the town and the Salvatore family. In addition to his sibling ties to his brother, Damon there is yet another Mystic Falls relation to consider. Stefan is linked to Zach Salvatore although the exact familial relationship has not yet been made clear. It is thought that Zach is one of the descendants of either Damon or Stefan.

Stefan’s relationship to Elena Gilbert is an ongoing saga that began because of Elena’s startling resemblance to Katherine; Stefan’s lost love from the past. In fact it was because of Elena that Stefan first returned to his hometown. He wanted to see Elena and find out more about her. During this time Stefan discovered that Elena was quite different from his former love, Katherine, and he also discovered that Elena had been adopted. When a tragic auto accident occurred that killed her mother and father it was Stefan who saved Elena’s life.

No biography of Stefan could be complete without a more descriptive mention of his former love Katherine Pierce. The couple met in 1864 when the orphaned Katherine was welcomed into the family home where Stefan and Damon lived. No one knew that the manipulative, beautiful young woman from Atlanta was a Vampire.

Katherine controlled both brothers and spent time with each of them while using her mind powers to keep them from behaving in a normal fashion. Still the people of the town discover her identity and she is captured so that they can burn her at the stake. It is Stefan whom both Damon and Katherine blame for this turn of events. Even Stefan feels guilt over what happens with Katherine but many years later he realizes that it was not his fault. He also begins to understand that he never loved Katherine in the first place but had merely been under the hypnotic powers that she wielded so masterfully. Although his eternal life and youth were the result of his relationship with Katherine now Stefan realizes that he truly loves Elena Gilbert.

Stefan Salvatore must find a way to live with his dual nature that is a combination of traits that are both human and Vampire. He does not want to hurt others and he chooses to feed on the blood of animals as opposed to the blood of humans. His need to refrain from his Vampire instincts leads to inner turmoil and may be the reason for much of his melancholy nature. Perhaps he will never be able to free himself of the guilt and anger over long ago incidents, but his love for Elena may just give him the strength he needs to search for a way to begin a new life.

RP Example: How you RP. This is for Canons only.
The combat boots I had 'borrowed' from Damon thudded against the wooden flooring of the family home. It was unusually quiet, quite unnerving actually. I kept on my toes in case Klaus or his hybrids had somehow managed inside of Elena's home. I pursed my lips my eyes searching the foyer before walking towards the staircase. I called out, "Elena?" No response, "Alaric? Jeremy?" Utter silence. I narrowed my eyes, "Anyone here?" There were beats of silence before it was broken.
Face Claim: Paul Wesley
Stefan Salvatore
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Post  Kenna De Alba on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:10 pm

Yay! We have a Stefan!Welcome to the site!

Stefan Salvatore Blood-10
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