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Ethan Brytt

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Ethan Brytt Empty Ethan Brytt

Post  Kenna De Alba on Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:00 pm


Ethan Brytt Gustav10
Ethan Brytt Hello-11
Full Name: Semyon Kratos
Nicknames/Aliases: (Known as today): Ethan Brytt
Age Turned: 28
Real Age: 973
Occupation: Owner of Dead End, bar & nightclub
Sister- TBA
No surviving kin, or so he believes

Ethan Brytt Mirror10
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark brown
Characterizing Features: His green eyes which, if you are stared at by him, you will most likely get shivers down your spine.

Likes: Blood, sex, women, money, alcohol
Dislikes: Attention-seekers

Life Story:
Ethan Brytt (means killer, slayer), born Semyon (means Simon) Kratos, was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He was a descendant of the royal bloodline, but the title was stripped from him by his father who was an attention-seeker as well as an alcoholic. Ethan would be beaten on a regular basis from the time he could talk until the very day he took his father's life. His mother was a servant, who wanted nothing to do with her husband and estranged son.
He fled Greece and traveled to London where he met a prodigy of Rebekah. This prodigy turned both Ethan and his 'sister' before fleeing. He took up the name Ethan Brytt, leaving his human life in the dust. He traveled with his 'sister' to America where they created a bar and nightclub in Virginia called Dead End. The business is thriving.
RP Example: ---
Face Claim: Gustavo Anselmi
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