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Post  xBlairex on Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:35 pm

I glanced around nervously as I took my seat in English. I never knew why I had these nervous feelings that surged through me, since no one really noticed me. But today was different; something felt--off. Many seats were empty by the time the first bell had rung but there were a fairly large group of kids who arrived to class late every single day, so I didn't really worry too much. Not that I should worry about people who enjoyed shoving insults in my face.
By mid-class, my teacher, Mrs. Kays, had called the office, reporting that she only had a class of seven students. I listened in using my powers, hearing the secretary sigh as she told Mrs. Kays that several classes were low on students in the entire school.
That was odd. I glanced around, seeing that there were in fact only seven of us, two of which were growing frustrated, looking as if they might as well just walk out the door. Mrs. Kays hung up, turning back to the class, rubbing her temples, "Well, I guess class is dismissed."
We all didn't hesitate to jump out of our seats and rush to the halls, where many other students were also being dismissed. Whispers and murmurs erupted.
I only caught a few,
"Sara texted me last night, told me she was going clubbing at that new place and that she would see me today. We have to go shopping for dresses! She would never miss that!"
"Dakota's dad just called me asking if he was in school, cause he never came home last night."
Another girl was crying into her phone, "I don't know, Mrs. Anderson! I haven't seen Kaylee since last night. One second she's by my side, and the next she's gone." A strangled sob escaped her throat.
I tensed, hearing everyone talk, or in some cases, cry about friends and couples disappearing, all seemingly within the time frame of the previous night.
"What do you mean?!" A guy yelled into his phone, grabbing everyone's attention, "No, no, no. This was not an animal attack! It was a fricking vampire, I know it!" He ran out of the school before anyone could ask him anything.
This was beginning to prove my worries right.
"Uh oh." I whispered

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Post  Kara Salvatore on Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:28 pm

After arriving to school late, as usual, I could see that I was most likely right to hesitate coming to school today. The halls were flooded with students that had just been let out. To tell the truth, there weren't that many students in the hall, maybe thirty, but that seemed to be it. I glanced down one hall to find that these were the only students, all crammed in this tiny, twelfth grade hall.
There were some that were crying, clinging to their phones like a lifeline, while others were just shell-shocked by the scene unfolding before them. You could say that I was neither of them. What the hell was going on?

I walked up to the nearest student, a girl with a shock of red hair. Tapping on her shoulder with my icy fingers, I waited until she spun around to ask, "What the hell is going on?"
Kara Salvatore
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