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Kiki Dawn Valentine

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Kiki Dawn Valentine Empty Kiki Dawn Valentine

Post  Damon Salvatore on Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:55 am


Full Name: Kiki Dawn Valentine
Nicknames/Aliases: The Ghost(from long ago)
Age Turned: 22
Real Age: 744 (6th October)
Family: Never knew her Family

Kiki Dawn Valentine Mirror10
Eye Color: Grey (almost white)
Hair Color: Painted dark red (real color yet unknown)
Characterizing Features: Is so good at blending in that she can kill people in a full room. Is very good at understanding and manipulating people. Pretends to other vampires that she's just about 100 years old.

Likes: Doesn't know what she likes anymore.
Dislikes: People who try to stop her from finding out who her parents were.

Life Story: Parents were killed by a vampire when she was one year old. she grew up with him, and eventually asked him to turn her. She never knew her family's or the vampire's name, nor her own. She named herself like this, because of the people she knew (Kiki, best friend). A story she once started to write (dawn). And a movie she once watched (Valentine)
After the vampire turned her, he helped her adjust, and then he disappeared. She always used to call him Savior, because that is what she had learned to call him growing up. It's her only clue that can hep her find out her past. Since the other item is the ring that allowed him to walk in the daylight, which she now wears herself, can't help her in any way. There once was a letter on the lapis lazuli stone, but it had broken off before she met the vampire.
After years and years of searching, she hasn't come one step further, and has started to give up hope for ever finding out about her past. She has learned to pretend not to feel, and she has indulged in stirring up trouble by killing people in their own houses and at parties for over a 200 years.
She remembers a time when she lived in what now is Mystic Falls, and she feels like she should visit. It's as if an invisible force is pulling her there, and not knowing what else to do, she decides to visit the town.

RP Example: I drove off the highway, knowing that Mystic Falls was near. I let my chauffeur take me there, without really paying attention to anything. I had bought a large, luxurious house just outside of the town, to provide myself with some privacy.
(The house Isobel stayed in when she first came to Mystic Falls)
Face Claim: No face claim.
I'm shorter than most, and I've dyed my hair a deep red color. My skin is impossible pale, since as much as I can go out in the sun, I detest it. I seem pretty frail to most people. I've got long curly hair, that I prefer to straighten out.
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Kiki Dawn Valentine Empty Re: Kiki Dawn Valentine

Post  Kenna De Alba on Thu Aug 16, 2012 3:28 pm


Kiki Dawn Valentine Blood-10
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