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Post  xBlairex on Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:52 pm

Full Name: Blaire Kristein Roth
Age: 16
Nicknames/Aliases: Witchy, Lil' Witch, Red
Occupation(s): Student

Parents--Grace {deceased} & Tonius Roth {Living}

Eye Color: Dark, dark blue
Hair Color: Fiery red
Characterizing Features: What makes them stand out?
Her fiery red hair that she inherited from her mother and very dark blue eyes from her father

Likes: Watching people fight, spending time with her father
Dislikes: Crappy films, jocks

Bloodline/Coven: Her mother's bloodline {The Pierce bloodline}
Years Active: Two
Powers: When she touches anyone, even vampires, she sees their history through her mind. Clairsentience

Life Story: Blaire grew up in mystic falls and had a pretty much normal childhood, without a mother. Tonius worked long hours at his mysterious job and never told Blaire exactly what he did for a living. At 14, she discovered that she was a witch thanks to a letter her mother left her.
She is sometimes the antagonist in situations but always believes that she can do good with her powers. At times she can see the future. She tries her hardest to make friendsat Mystic Falls High.
RP Example: How you RP. This is for Canons only.
Face Claim: Jessica Stam

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Post  Kenna De Alba on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:28 pm

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