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I need my Bourbon

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I need my Bourbon Empty I need my Bourbon

Post  Damon Salvatore on Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:40 pm

I was sitting on the couch, glass of bourbon in hand, thinking about how horrible my life really is. un-life.
It felt horrible, knowing I'd never have what I want most, but what does a man do about it, when it is another's choice?
I've thought about tking off my daylight ring and letting mself burn in the sun. More than once. But then? Then Elena would only have Stefan, Vampire Barbie and Judgy to protect her. I'd probably see her on the other side way too soon for my liking. thus I'd live my msery forever. How awesome.
I noticed my glass was once again empty. I got up to refill my glass, but once I found the bottle, there was nothing inside. There was nothing I could do but go get something somewhere else then. I got up and left the house, leaving the door unlocked as always, making my way towards the grill.

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