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Post  Damon Salvatore on Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:00 am


Damon Salvatore Hello-11
Full Name: Damon Salvatore
Nicknames/Aliases: -none- (ask Elena to think of some ;p)
Age Turned: 24
Real Age: 172
Family: Stefan Salvatore (brother), any other Salvatore (duh)

Damon Salvatore Mirror10
Eye Color: Oceanblue
Hair Color: Black
Characterizing Features: I'm impulsive, Love passionately and with my whole heart, will do aything to keep Elena Gilbert safe and see her happy. Through this all I keep up a mask of not caring that much.

Likes: Elena, Drinking, Irritating my brother.
Dislikes: The fact my brother always seems to get what I want, running out of booze.

Life Story: I was born in 1840, June 28. I was in the Confederate Army but much to my father's disapproval, I quit. I did this to spend more time with Stefan and Katherine Pierce as I claimed I was having too much fun to leave. Me and my brother developed a mutual deep infatuation for a vampire named Katherine Pierce. Stefan and I became rivals for her affections and she played with both of us in turn, planning to change us into vampires herself and spend eternity continuing to play us.
I was willing to give up my life and spend eternity with her whilst she compelled Stefan to do so. I begged Stefan not to alert our father of Katherine's status as a vampire, knowing he would betray them and destroy her, but Stefan inadvertently broke that promise and Katherine was caught because of it.
I was devastated so Stefan and I devised a plan to rescue her, but we were shot by our own father while attempting to do so. we had Katherine's blood in our systems so we began transitioning into vampires.
Because Katherine was now dead, I felt my reason for living was gone and decided to die and not complete the transition. However, after Stefan changed, he forced me to complete the transition so we could be brothers for eternity. I, furious that Katherine had chosen to turn Stefan as well, drank blood but vowed that I would provide Stefan with an eternity of misery.
When Emily Bennett, Katherine's handmaiden who was also a witch, saw I had completed transitioning, she revealed that she had protected Katherine and the other vampires when they were placed in Fell's Church with a spell of hers.
She also gave us daylight rings, telling us that Katherine had her make them. For the next 145 years, I plotted to set Katherine free. I also planned to return to Mystic Falls for the purpose of freeing her.
When I returned to Mystic Falls, I was the cause of the string of deaths occurring in and around the town because I still fed on and killed humans, unlike Stefan, and was stronger than my brother because of this.
My sole purpose for coming back to mystic falls was to free Katherine. But the first night I met Elena, and I was completely stunned by her resemblance with Katherine. I never believed it ws her though. I knew the first moment she was not Katherine. When I found out Katherine never loved me, I started working with Stefan and Elena to keep Elena safe. All the while developing deep feelings for Elena.

RP Example: (Elena Gilbert having written she fell asleep in my bed) When I came home from the council meeting, that was oh so boring as always, I heard a slow heartbeat upstairs. I let the sound guide me and found myself in my room staring at Elena sleeping in my bed. My mind was racing. I took a few steps and crouched next to my own bed. I gently placed my hand on her shoulder and shook her. What the hell ever happened to me? I could take advantage of this. (Elena Gilbert's turn)
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

Side note from the real me;
I've really tried to give you an idea of how I will be on this roleplaying site. I was asked at Fanfiction.NET to join this site, and want to mention that I am truly honered to have been asked for something like this.
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

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Post  Kenna De Alba on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:58 am

Smile This is an awesome application. Great job!

Damon Salvatore Blood-18
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